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A Couple of Kind Words Go A Long Way


I’m coming down with a head cold and not really feeling like myself. Kinda down. Definitely tired. Dragged out.

But yesterday a few things happened that really gave me a lift.


The lovely woman at the cafeteria cash at work complimented me on the colour of my top. Not only did she love the colour, but she said it looked good on me.

Then a colleague I haven’t seen in a few weeks complimented me on my hair – she loved both my new curls and my colour. That was so sweet, especially since my colour is natural (though sun-kissed).

one kind word can change someone's entire day, motivational quote ...

And, it wasn’t just physical appearance things. A colleague in another department had requested a meeting to pick my brain, and she said some really nice things about the way I run the social media for my department. She complimented me on my authentic and consistent voice and the way I engage my audience there. That meant so much!

But this post is not about tooting my own horn. I mean it to be about how these fairly random kind words really turned my day around. Whether or not I believe the kind words or want you to, the fact is that receiving compliments and positive feedback means the world. Hearing these nice things cheered me up and made me feel like someone cared. These sweet words gave me a new perspective when I was feeling crappy and down.

Don’t forget to share kind words with others. People generally aren’t very good at seeing the best in themselves. Sometimes they just really need someone else to point it out.