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Cherry-Picking Time

When we moved into this house 6 years ago, there was a little spindly cherry tree sapling in the backyard. The first couple of years we were here it produced basically nothing. Three summers ago it started to show some promise, but there wasn’t much fruit, it was small, and the birds got it all before we could. Last year, more improvement. I managed to pick some cherries, but they weren’t ripening properly and were mostly rotting on the tree before they got to maturity.

U.S.: Northwest cherry prices stronger in 2019 -

This year though? This year it’s an embarrassment of cherry riches.


Little Boo has been helping me in the garden, and he loves to pick cherries. I use the step ladder and he picks from the low branches from the ground. Here’s my basket from the other day:


And here’s his:


Yup. That is precisely how long his attention span is.


I went back and filled his bucket up:


All in all I’ve been pretty impressed with our little tree this year. This was our third picking, and the tree is still laden down with more than we could ever use. Or reach. The cherries are nicely tart and juicy. Little Boo has always said he hates cherries, but now he’s delighted with them.


Anyone got a good recipe for cherry pie? Cherry jelly? Cherry anything?