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Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my *cough* 39th *cough* birthday. (Or something like that.) I have been saying that I didn’t really care about my birthday this year. I’ve, you know, had a lot of them. But, when the day actually came, it suddenly was a big deal after all. My husband is away, so there was no one to pamper me. He had bought cards and had the boys sign them in advance, and they gave those to me. But, instead of having someone to look after me all day, I had to look after them instead.

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Birthday breakfast you pick up yourself just does not taste the same.

But in this digital age I had many, many well-wishes on Facebook, and that did feel nice. And then a couple of friends came over to clean my house, and brought that humongous cupcake pictured above. Friends who each clean a bathroom and then help you purge your child’s messy bedroom? Pretty Awesome!

And it just kept getting better. Another dear friend sent me a message saying she was coming over. I haven’t seen her in way too long, so I was delighted. But when she walked in with cakepops? I was even happier for her visit 🙂 We had a great catch-up chat and I truly enjoyed our evening.

So, is there a point to this post? I think there’s a couple. First, if you have a friend who is feeling a little down, there are so many gestures that can help. And asking how you can help isn’t always the best way. Just show up, or send a warning message first, but then show up. Just being there to distract or chat or entertain or whatever can mean so much. And bringing a meal, or cleaning a room is such a huge help if you know someone’s feeling overwhelmed. And sweets are always welcome! And, second, try not to let a bad start to a day get you down too far. Be open to possibilities and allow people in to turn your day around.