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Hey Canada! A Trip Across Our Nation #HeyCanada

Just in time for Canada Day I am happy to be taking part in this fun blog tour, to tell all of you about this new book from Tundra Books. Hey Canada! is the story of a grandmother who takes her two grandchildren (cousins) and a mischievous pet hamster on a trip across our country, from coast to coast to coast. This is their opportunity to discover just how big and diverse and interesting Canada is.


Written by Vivien Bowers, and illustrated by Milan Pavlovic, the book utilizes poetry, prose, images, tweets, and comic strips to introduce us to Canada’s history and points of interest. Each chapter is its own province and includes a map, the provincial flower, bird, and capital. A large map of Canada and depictions of all provincial and territorial flags are included as well.

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Hey Canada! brings us from St. John`s, NL, across to Victoria, BC, and up through the Canadian north, with stops in all three territories. Each chapter gives a wealth of information and insights. There are even pronunciation guides for some more difficult words, or names in other languages than English. Little Boo enjoyed following along with “Find It” lists in each chapter, looking through all the pictures to find everything listed. It was a great game for him.


I think both Little Boo and I learned things from this book. I would have liked some more details on my home province, Newfoundland and Labrador, but that is probably only because it’s where I’m from and there are so many other events and sites I’d love to share with the rest of the country. You may find the same thing when you read the chapter for your neck of the woods, but this is not supposed to be an exhaustive reference guide. It is in fact a great introduction and an easily accessible non-fiction work for kids. There is even an index at the back so your kids can go back and check out specifics, like icebergs, Ogopogo, or Kensington Market, at a later date.

We enjoyed Hey Canada! as bed time reading – one or two chapters each night. The highest praise I can offer? Little Boo specifically requested it each night and let me know what province or territory we were to visit next. Clearly he loved it!