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Post-Blissdom Highs and Lows

I am on my post-Bliss high, which is always mixed with a bit of post-Bliss low. You see, after 3 days filled with friendships old and new, amazing speakers, awesome brands, great food, late night wine and giggles, it can be a little rough to come back home to the everyday grind. Plus, as a introvert living with depression and anxiety, these kind of events really take a massive effort from me. My mind is racing with ideas and plans, but my body and emotions are drained and begging for time alone in a quiet room where I can shut down for a while and re-charge.


Sunday I came home and slept. Monday I did some more of that. It’s Tuesday now, and I feel like my batteries are back up close to 100%. So now I’m going to try to unpack. Unpack my bags and unpack my ideas. It’s time to take notes, to write down all the things spinning around my head, and to try to interpret the notes I jotted during the sessions on Friday and Saturday. Time to pull out the business cards collected and send quick notes to new people I met, so I can cement that connection. These things have to happen quickly or they won’t happen at all.


It’s time to look through the pictures taken, to remember good times and begin to miss people. Also to realise how many people I missed at the conference! Oh my gosh so many people I wanted to speak with and didn’t. No matter what some folks may think, I am painfully shy. And I am terrible at small talk. So I don’t tend to strike up conversations. And I’m terrible with names, so I fear introducing myself to people I’ve already met and insulting them. I spend a lot of time trying to stare at nametags that have flipped backwards.


Blissdom Canada is, for me, a brief retreat from the everyday. It’s a place I can forget my daily stresses and the difficulties of the last couple of years and just be me. It’s a place where I can learn about new techniques and tools, be inspired by amazing individuals, and build up a store of excitement for new projects to come. And it’s about friendships and love and support and a kick in the butt when I need it.