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Protect Your Investment with Mabel’s Ultimate Back to School Combo #BTS

Boo had a week of camp in mid-July. As I was getting his gear ready on Sunday night, I went to grab my trusty Mabel’s Labels to get his name on his new water bottle, baseball cap, etc. Except I couldn’t find them. I looked everywhere I could think of, haunted by this nagging feeling that I’d poked them away somewhere really safe. Somewhere that made perfect sense at the time. But now, it looked like they were lost forever.

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Devastated! I have a good collection after all.

This week he is at camp again, and again I went looking. No luck. But then out of the blue on Monday it hit me – I knew exactly where I had put them, and it was a totally logical spot. Labels retrieved, items named, and all is well again. For the record, Boo lost his unlabeled, new water bottle at that first camp. The first item that never found its way back to us, after all these years!

With school starting in less than two weeks, moms and dads across the country are stocking up on supplies for the new year. Backpacks, lunch bags, pencils, crayons, hoodies, indoor shoes, and more. The costs add up, but you can protect your investment and make sure your items get home again safely by labeling everything with your child’s name. Mabel’s Labels has you covered with this great combo pack of durable, washable, labels:





It’s everything you need!


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