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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea from Canadian Tire

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, are you still looking for unique gift ideas for the special mom in your life? Or are you pondering what you’d like to receive for yourself? Have you ever considered how special a clean car can feel? Canadian Tire has. How about dad and the kids pitching in to give your vehicle a Mother’s Day make-over so you can chauffeur in style?

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For me, some days it really feels like I live in my mom van. Thankfully, with the change in schools, I’m now walking Little Boo to school, but there’s still the driving to karate and swimming and soccer. Plus playdates and doctor’s appointments. And then there’s drives to and from the dog park with a stinky and often muddy pup. None of that even touches on my own activities and my chores – pilates classes, grocery shopping, masses of errands. You’ll often find me quickly sneaking in my breakfast or lunch while en route. And there’s usually a coffee at hand.


All of this leads to a kinda messy driving environment. The crumbs, spills, smells, and assorted debris add up. Salt and mud from the past few months had made a solid hold on my vehicle as well. I was pretty excited when Canadian Tire contacted me with an invite to check out their line of DIY detailing products. Better? Their crew was going to do all the work, pampering both me and my van. Sweet!


First, I want to show you a few pics of the “before” situation:

I probably should be embarrassed to share these with you, but I trust you, and I’ve shared worse here. You can see the coffee spills and dog hair, the muddy smears and the masses of pine needles from the tree next to our driveway. The crew actually found a pine cone in my glove box. Don’t ask. I have no memory of putting it in there.

This was all in my glovebox. Years of build-up. Duplicates of take-out menus. Kazillions of drive-thru napkins and ketchup packets. Just take a peek in your glove box, I dare you! See what you’ll find.


Basically, my van was cringe-worthy and not a pleasant environment. But then the CT crew started working their magic. While I sipped on coffee and learned about the products they were using.


Don’t forget the tires and rims! I never knew they could shine so bright.

For the tires they used Simoniz Tire Foam – thick foam clings to tire and dissolves dirt, mud and grime; helps to clean, shine and protect – and Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner – uses a special blend of biodegradable surfactants, solvents, and alkalis to safely dissolve brake dust, corrosion and traffic film from the most intricate and elaborate wheel designs. The Tire Foam works without scrubbing and doesn’t need rinsing either. For the rims, they scrubbed with a Simoniz Wheel & Fender Brush, then rinsed.

Here are a few “after” pics. See how everything shines? It smelled great too! They finished the job with a Febreze Auto Vent Clip and a line of Rubbermaid organisers.


Those Tub O’ Towels you see in the second image? They replaced my napkin collection. Not only will these extra large fibre-weave towels remove grease, oil, bugs, stains off any surface inside or outside your car, they also are

gentle on hands, containing lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E. I used one myself after I pitched in to help remove a greasy mess (I am incapable of truly letting people look after me) and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft my hands felt afterwards. They smelled great too.





Here are some car cleaning tips from CT to get your own family crew started:



Step 1 – Clean the Interior. Remove loose items including floor mats and contents inside glove boxes, and trays. Vacuum and spot treat, and follow up by cleaning the dash, door handles and other vinyl surfaces using a protectant. Using protectants regularly can help prevent cracking and fading due to sun damage, and keep interiors looking new. (try – Armor All 4-pack Wipes)

Step 2 – Shine the Windows. Tackle that thin film, fingerprints and other marks that can cause buildup on interior auto window surfaces. Using glass cleaner that is specially formulated for use in cars won’t contain ammonia like household varieties, which can harm automotive window tint. (try – Invisible Glass)

Step 3 – Wash the Exterior. Rinse to loosen dirt, including bird droppings and bugs, which can damage the car’s paint. You can try new products designed specifically to remove droppings or bugs. Using the wash mitts or sponges, scrub the surface. Don’t use household soaps to clean your car’s exterior; properly formulated products are safe for you vehicle’s wax coat and will work with cold water. Some products combine both wash and wax for greater convenience. Use a drying towel to bring out the shine. (try – Simoniz Wash & Wax)

Step 4 – Focus on Tires and Rims. Special rim cleaners, tire foams and tire gels can help not only remove brake dust and road grime, but protect tires and rims to keep them looking new. Use a wheel brush to scrub away dirt. (see above!)


So, do you think your kids might gift you with a DIY car makeover this Mother’s Day? Have them make it a fun family task with dad on a warm weekend morning. It might become a habit!



Disclosure: I received a complimentary car make-over, along with a variety of products so I could have my family keep up the clean at home. No other compensation was received. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.