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Yet Another Post About Pee


I remember a few years back, when the Teen was maybe 8 years old. I was chatting with a colleague, a mom of a teenaged boy. And I asked her, in utter desperation, “Please tell me! WHEN will he start peeing IN the toilet instead of on it??” Or beside it, or behind it, or whatever.

Morning Pee: This Is Why You Have To Pee So Much In The Morning ...

She just laughed at me and walked away.

I can’t remember the last time my bathroom stayed clean for longer than a couple of hours. What is the issue? Why is aim so difficult?? I mean, I guess I can get a minor miss that splashes on the back of the toilet. But the floor?? What do boys do in there? What are they looking at to throw their aim off so?

“Lalalala … oh look over there! Soap!”

I used to swear the Teen must have been talking to the cat or something. (And maybe peeing on him.)

I’ll go to sit down in there, and I immediately smell it. Then I look and see the tell-tale sheen on the floor. What the ..??

Basically, my bathroom stinks.

My favourite cleaning tip for all you moms of boys? Disposable disinfecting wipes. I buy them in bulk. There’s a container beside each toilet in the house, and it makes it so easy to give a quick wipe for any little offerings my boys have left behind. (I have to admit, at this stage it’s really only the little one with a real problem.) I don’t know what I’d do without these things. And get a nice scented one. SO worth it.

Also? If you can convince your boys to sit down to pee, so much the better. There’s no real reason they need to stand after all. As long as they remember to hold it down, sitting is definitely the way to go.